Since I can remember I have been taking things apart and tinkering with them. Most of my passions have always revolved around constructing and deconstructing items. Beginning with my first summer job 20 years ago at Dolphin Pools in Tulsa, my life has been deeply entwined within the construction industry.

Over the years I have spent time selling wholesale construction supply, constructing oilfield production level pipelines for Gateway Companies, and recently commercial contracting for Mallett Plumbing & Utilities. Through these experiences I have been able to develop a varying toolbox helpful for taking on some of the most stressful tasks.

Away from construction, you will generally find me strolling down the fairway of a lonely muni course, as I’ve come to find a certain sense of calming and peace with a club in my hand chasing a silly white ball for a few hours. You will find a wide range of topics and ramblings on this site. It is my hope some of the information will be beneficial to you.